Technical assistance

The Frontclear Technical Assistance Program, or FTAP, is an integral component of Frontclear’s offering. ¬†Frontclears objective is to utilize technical assistance resources, at market level or client specific, in the following areas:

Frontclear training programs

  • Financial education workshops and promote the use of local currency collateral in market wide training programs;
  • Develop the capacity and systems of its obligors. During the due diligence process, Frontclear undertakes a need assessment process and assists obligors in developing skills and establish systems required to enter the contemplated transactions.

Frontclear financial infrastructure development programs

  • Build capacity of local regulators and financial authorities and support legal and regulatory reform required to establish financial infrastructure;
  • Build capacity and partner with financial infrastructure providers to develop custodian and other post-trade services;
  • Promote legal certainty and legal reforms to support market development, notably in the areas of netting, set-off, title transfer, etc.


  • Work with academic and research institutions to understand and generate research that supports these changes and builds local market insight;