The Frontclear Academy offers a continuous source of interactive knowledge on key topics in money markets for practitioners and regulators alike.

Access the Frontclear Academy


The Frontclear Academy offers online training courses on topics relevant to money market development. The Academy complements onsite training programmes conducted with local industry associations and provides continued access to training material and supporting documentation for staff of regulators and market participants.

The Academy offers courses on Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The curriculum is dynamic, courses will be continually reviewed and evaluated and new ones added periodically.

A recent addition to the Frontclear Academy is Tradeclear Tutorials; a series of 11 short videos that include an explanation of the legal documentation, how to account for Repos, and how to transact Swaps and Repos on the Tradeclear platform.

Training remains a core cornerstone to Frontclear’s impact strategy.

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The Frontclear Academy currently features the following courses.

  • Money Markets Matter
  • Repo Primer
  • ISDA and CSA Masterclass
  • GMRA Primer
  • Deep Dive Derivatives
  • Collateral Management
  • Bond Accounting and Repos
  • Basel II and III, ERM and ICAAP
  • An Introduction to Basel
  • Accounting for Derivatives

The Frontclear Academy features a series of Tradeclear Tutorials.