Frontclear is strategically focused on building stable and inclusive money markets by committing long-term and adapting activities for each market. As a conceptual guideline stemming from Frontclear experience to-date, our Impact Strategy can be divided into 3 evolutionary stages: 1) Opening; 2) Mid-development and 3) End-target.

The Impact Strategy reflects the complementarity and interoperability of Frontclear’s two key activities: 1) financial guarantees; and 2) capacity development (technical assistance). A nascent money market may require a 7-10 year commitment from Frontclear to support the development of stable and inclusive money markets.

mid-development (3-5 years) end-target(5-8 years) GDP t opening (2-3 years) 1 create access and knowledge 2 develop local onshoremoney markets 3 develop stable andinclusive money markets cross border guarantees: Knowledge transfer Identify barriers Build exemplary transactions domestic guarantees Bilateral Tradeclear multiparty plug-in guarantees Multiparty market participation Market infrastructure Advanced training market practice Advanced training Legal and regulatory reform Market infrastructure Feasibility studies market readiness Basic training Legal and regulatory review