The Frontclear Technical Assistance Programme (FTAP) builds on locally-driven needs analysis combined with thorough market due diligence to develop a tailored country programme aimed at addressing market development barriers. Country programmes span a wide range of activities including training and capacity building, regulator roundtables and advisory projects on ISDA and GMRA legal enforceability as well as market infrastructure development.

FTAP works closely with global and national expertise and under joint Frontclear/local leadership. For example, in country with central banks, capital markets authorities, bankers’ associations and ACIs. Globally through its FTAP Partnership Facility that pools financial and in-kind contributions for the private and not-for-profit sectors.


-1- financial knowledge -2- legal and regulatory system -3- market infrastructure

trainings and workshops for regulators and industry participants

  • basic offering:
    • The Repo Product
    • Understanding and Implementing GMRA
    • Fixed Income Boot Camp
    • Deep Dive Derivatives
    • Understanding and Implementing ISDA
    • Basel II/III – Risk Management
  • medior offering:
    • Recognition and Accounting of Financial Instruments and Derivatives Under IFRS 9
    • Collateral Management
    • Collateral Management in Bilateral and Centrally Cleared OTC Derivatives
    • Mastering Basel III Capital

roundtables – regulators

  • addressing country-specific challenges to ISDA and GMRA enforceability
  • remedial planning to clean opinions

advisory – legal/regulatory review and reform

  • backstopping local regulatory reform processes
  • detailed review of relevant local regulation relative to ISDA and GMRA enforceability
  • recommendations for reformed language towards clean opinions

training – judiciary and legal enforceability

  • supporting commercial judges and arbitration processes


  • in-depth reviews of clearing and settlement challenges

feasibility studies

  • review of the viability of e.g. clearing counterparties or primary dealer structures, including initial structure design