Well-functioning money markets are indispensable for multiple reasons. Among them, they allow central banks to transmit monetary policy, provide an anchor for interest rates at longer maturities and above all, allow for the effective distribution of liquidity and risk amongst market participants. Read more about the fundamental role of money markets to emerging market and developing country (EMDC) capital market development.

The Money Market Diagnostic Framework (MMDF) offers a visually represented baseline drawn from an in-depth, query-based assessment of a country’s money market. The resulting report and recommendations serve as a starting point for sequential and well-structured development of the local money market and with that the wider financial system. On the back of results, Frontclear offers regulators technical assistance in for example, to address legal and regulatory obstacles and/or market infrastructure needs.

The MMDF results inform local regulators and are a targeted deepening to the general research and reports regularly produced by Frontclear on EMDC money markets. A key objective of the MMDF is to harmonize and align diagnostic approaches to money market development among IFIs and policymakers. Email MMDF@frontclear.com for more information