Basel II/III training takes place in Nairobi, in association with Frontclear, ACI Kenya and ICAP

On June 20th and 21st, Frontclear, The Financial Markets Association Kenya and ICAP Training Solutions coordinated to deliver an in depth two-day workshop. The training was designed to work with local 2nd and 3rd tier banks to better understand the ramifications and risk management practice in line with Basel II regulation and its successor Basel III. The added value to the over 15 banks in attendance, was clear and event feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Frontclear initiated the training which was led by ICAP’s Andrew Kinsey. ACI Kenya was responsible for marketing the event to their members and seeking out the appropriate attendees. Mr. Kinsey addressed the issues as they pertain to the Kenyan market, and provided delegates with excel models to assist them in modeling their specific risk, which provided significant added value to the training. The event’s content was highly detailed and practically applicable in immediate banking operations. Ingrid Hagen, Head of Frontclear’s Technical Assistance Program (FTAP), highlighted the importance of the Basel training, ‘’early on in our relationship with Kenyan financial markets, we noticed the need for Basel II and III training, as we do in many countries. Due to the complex nature of Basel framework, in depth training is very often a necessity to bring clarity to the subject’’. Frontclear plans to continue its technical assistance support in the region, through the provision of dedicated trainings, specific to the requirements of individual countries. Upcoming assistance programs are scheduled for Uganda and Rwanda, with other East African countries currently under consideration as well.