Money Market Development Framework

The Money Market Development Framework (MMDF) is a tool that can assist regulators and technical assistance providers in i) assessing the status of money market development in a certain jurisdiction, and ii) identifying areas that need to be strengthened to advance money market activity.

The MMDF has been commissioned by Frontclear to support its technical assistance program. It has been developed by OG Research and is based on the publication “Framework for Developing Money Markets in Frontier and Emerging Market Economies” by EBRD and OG Research. The MMDF consists of a Handbook and a Questionnaire that translates the blueprint described by the publication into a diagnostic framework.

Frontclear identifies 10 building blocks for money market development, all of which with the exception of macro-economic stability are assessed by the MMDF:

  1. Macro-economic stability
  2. Confidence & capacity of market participants
  3. Monetary policy framework & operations
  4. Prudential & market regulation
  5. Institutional capacity
  6. Availability of financial products
  7. Enforceability of transaction documentation
  8. Market liquidity (including collateral instruments)
  9. Price discovery & price transparency
  10. Trading & settlement systems

The MMDF is developed as a public tool. The use of the MMDF is conditional on registration and execution of the Terms of Use. Frontclear can on request provide further technical assistance on the application of the MMDF.

Please click on the link below to gain access to the MMDF:

Money Market Development Framework

Frontclear will maintain a list of Registered Users and Countries of Application. Subject to confidentiality and sharing arrangements, Frontclear will maintain a database of results, allowing for comparison with peers and tracking of developments per jurisdiction over time.

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